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Grafton author’s debut novel ‘Scorpion’ wins British award Adventure novel combines martial arts and women’s empowerment

GRAFTON — Adventure, romance, martial arts, along with the story of a young woman’s empowerment, come together in a Grafton author’s first fiction novel.

Grafton resident and registered psychotherapist/hypnotherapist Cindy Stone’s novel Scorpion is the winner of Book of the Year from Book Talk Radio in Britain. It is Stone’s first venture into fiction and book one in a trilogy titled The Myriad Series, she said. Published in January of 2017 by Rebel Press, Stone describes the novel as a “thrilling adventure novel filled with Eastern mysticism, martial arts, sacred stones, secret societies and a dash of romance, yet at its core, it’s a story of a young woman’s empowerment.”

The novel’s main character is Avery, a disillusioned and beautiful daughter of one of New York’s wealthiest and most powerful men. Avery tumbles into a bizarre and mysterious series of events.

In her work as a therapist for more than 25 years, Stone noticed young people seeking treatment for anxiety disorders and help coping with life changes, such as breakups.

“I love finding the deeper connections in life. I really wanted to inspire young people,” Cindy Stone“There is a lot more anxiety than there used to be … people are disconnected,” said Stone. “People need to feel connected to the land and to each other …”

Stone moved to Grafton from Toronto two years ago to get closer to nature. She craved a connection to the land she wasn’t getting in the city.

Stone draws from her experience as an advanced student of the martial art, Baguaquan and the internal martial arts in the novel. Martial arts and meditation help people become more empowered and connected to the world. Stone wants to help people find that mastery and empowerment in their life. She has been fascinated with transformational journeys and the incredible power of the mind.

“I love finding the deeper connections in life,” she said. “I really wanted to inspire young people.”

She chose the novel format as opposed to a self-help book as it is more accessible and entertaining for young readers. The target audience is 17 years old and up.

The novel is also influenced by her great-great-grandfather Alfred Percy Sinnett’s story. Sinnett went into the Himalayas in the late 1800s and studied with mystics or spiritual masters known as mahatmas. Stone had heard stories about Sinnett when she was growing up but in recent years she has learned more about his life and books through the internet. 

The book’s title Scorpion is inspired by a necklace Stone received as a gift. The necklace is made from ancient stones used as letter wax seals. One stone features a scorpion; another is a dog and eagle and the third is Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom.

In 2002 Stone published a self-development book, called The Incidental Guru, which is about the transformational journey in her relationship with her dog Harry, a seemingly unredeemable, aggressive street mutt. In 2000 Stone co-wrote an indie movie, Expecting. The film featured an ensemble cast including Colin Mochrie, Deb McGrath, and Valerie Buhagier.

Scorpion is available online and in local bookstores including Let’s Talk Books and Furby House Books.

Karen Longwell

by Karen Longwell

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